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Eaglesbeak Escapades

Walk away from the concrete jungles and enjoy nature at its best. We invite you to experience the lush greenery and fresh air at Eagle's Beak Escapades.

The Hawk Escapade

The Hawk Escapade is for those looking to push their limits: it’s not for the faint of heart.

It’s an opportunity to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty as you live it out in the wild, make camp in the great outdoors, take night walks through forests, try out rigorous activities like zip-lining, and get trained in survival techniques.

The Hawk Escapade is an extreme step beyond your everyday ordinary. Grow beyond your physical and mental limitations and experience a rewarding experience from nature. If you’re looking for an intense activity to get your adrenaline rush, welcome aboard.

The Hawk Escapade is for hard-core nature lovers. You will be equipped with all the necessary safety equipment and accompanied by well-trained camp instructors.

Limited seats are available. Book now.

THe Falcon Escapade

The falcon is a perfect name for our escapade that is focused on farming.

The Late Latin word for the bird is falx, meaning sickle, with the bird thought to be named after the curved blade due to the shape of its talons, beak, or spread wings.

Get to the roots of civilization as you study the field of agriculture. Take these techniques back to the city to implement them in your backyard or your rooftop. Ingrain the understanding of the profession and continue to practise it on for a healthier future.

Limited seats are available. Book now.

The Eaglet Escapade

While eaglets are the younglings that are too young to leave the nest, the Eaglet Escapade has activities that are organized for children.

If your kids don't ever get out of the concrete jungle of urban cities - then our Eaglet Escapade will be best suited for them. Children will take part in activities that include but are not limited to:

  • Basic botany classes to identify common plants
  • Farming, and why it's important today
  • Interaction with domestic animals
  • Hands-on pottery lessons
  • Physical fun activities, like, tug-of-war
  • Social activities such as campfires

All camp related activities will be conducted under the supervision of well-trained camp instructors who will ensure the safety of the participants without missing out on the fun elements of the planned events.

Limited seats are available. Book now.

The Kite Escapade

There is always room for improvement, even at the top

If you are a corporate executive team who want to grow together as a team, then the Kite Escapade is a team-building activity that you must participate in. Walk into the wilderness as a group of individuals and learn from nature. Walk out with confidence as a team where every member can trust each other.

The shared experience of survival in the territories unknown to you will bring you together, helping you skyrocket your compatibility with each other. We offer discounts for larger teams

Pricing on request. Enquire now.

The Habitat Escapade

Its Family time!!!

It is said that families that eat together, stay together. If you want to know what families that camp together do, the Habitat Escapade is the way.

The Habitat Escapade is truly a special program. We've designed it to suit the interests of families across different generations. Take your mind off daily chores as you enjoy time with your family. From trekking to cycling, and from yoga to group walking - bond strongly with your family while you're surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Reach out to us to get more details.

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  • Location 11.3124° N, 76.6245° E
  • Avalanche
Camp Avalanche

Camp Avalanche

Camp A‌: Avalanche is located on the beautiful hill stations of western Tamil Nadu where you get your breath of fresh mountain air.

Camp Avalanche is a picturesque site on the hills that teems with the charm of nature. It is the best spot to let go of your mundane sedentary lifestyle and plunge into the invigorating communal learning experience that we develop at Eagle’s Beak Escapades.

Whether you want to bond with your family, or make valuable memories as friends, or train as a team from your office, or even want to find yourself in a crowd of strangers, Camp Avalanche beckons you to live as one with nature and transform the way you look at the world.

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  • Location 11.5511° N, 77.1392° E
  • Bannari
Camp Bannari

Camp Bannari

Camp B: Bannari, set in the heart of Tamil Nadu’s farmlands. Get your hands dirty while your breath in the clean air that nature has to offer.

Camp Bannari empowers you to take action into your own hands. Elevate your soul as you dig deep into the roots of what civilization was built upon: agriculture.

Grow bigger than your everyday routine and discover yourself from the communal experience of Eagle’s Beak Escapades. Be it with your friends or family, you'll learn to grow together with nature as we take you through this three-day camp that will change your outlook about life.

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