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Eaglesbeak Escapades is the biggest adventure you can take to bring life to your dreams.

We help you rediscover yourself with nature, the teacher from who all of us learn from. The experience of living with nature prepares you more than what any school can. Your experiences make you who you are. We guide you through this process of real learning through real living as you get to know yourself better. Identify your purpose by living your real life in nature. We are here to guide to help you find yourself.

We are Eaglesbeak Escapades.

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Our uniquely designedescapades

Escape from the monotonous routines of your everyday lives and take part in our escapades to unblock your true potential. Open your minds and relearn what it means to be alive. Become one with nature in our camps at Avalanche and Bannari.

Camp A: Avalanche empowers you to hike up the hills. The peace and quiet the hills offer will elevate your soul. Experience the power of the hills at Camp Avalanche.

Camp B: Bannari is at the heart of farmlands. Get your hands dirty while you breathe in the cleanest air that nature has to offer. Listen to the song of the birds and learn to be one with yourself at Camp Bannari.

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camp a

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We have plans to have more focused sessions for the kind of crowd

We are ideally aiming at two types of experience. Camp A, which is Camp Avalanche and Camp B, which is Camp Bannari. Camps A is located in the beautiful NilgiĀ¬ris and the place speaks about all. Located in a very remote place covered Camps A is located in the beautiful Nilgiris and the place speaks about all. Located in a very remote place covered.

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