Eagles Beak

Sustainable Camping

Eaglesbeak Escapades strives towards respecting nature and ensuring that we lead a sustainable lifestyle. Living a sustainable life is an important aspect of respecting nature.

Eagle's Beak Escapades takes pride in stating that we promote and practise sustainable living as we live in harmony with nature. We ensure that you learn the importance of living a sustainable lifestyle. What you learn at camp can be applied to your regular lives too. Take back this knowledge and live a better life: not just for yourself, but for the world around you too.

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Why we promote sustainable living

We set up our campsites in places that abound with nature. We want our campers to enjoy the natural world in a responsible manner. We teach, promote, and practise sustainable usage of resources on a day-to-day basis.

Our Avalanche campsite has a royal view of the mountains that are lush with natural, green vegetation. If you're lucky, you can also catch sight of the wildlife amongst the hills.

Our Bannari campsite teems with animal and plant life: Cows, goats, hens, and chickens can be seen around the campsite which also houses farms, coconut groves, and farmhouses.

Sustainable living dictates that we live in harmony with the earth and the other lifeforms that exist here. We want you to take away, not just the memories of this experience - but the practices of sustainable living back to your day-to-day life.

Plant in hand wooden cutlery

Living with nature

During your Escapades, you will be spending the entirety of your time with nature. Nature is one of the greatest teachers. Respect nature and nature will respect us. Please make sure to clean up after yourself and be responsible for how you live in nature. With the right lifestyle, this will be a journey for you to remember for your life. Or maybe, you'll visit us again for the next escapade.

Living Nature

No plastic allowed

We have a zero plastic policy during the course of our escapades at all locations. Please be mindful of your packing and what you use. Our campsites will be free of plastic when we visit - and it will be our responsibility to leave it like the way we found it. While we have a lot of green initiatives implemented already, we are always willing to hear your ideas on how we can make ourselves better.

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Water Conservation

Our campsites have access to clean and pristine water thanks to a few naturally occurring beautiful streams. Apart from these resources, we have also set up rainwater harvesting across our campsites to make efficient use of natural resources. While we ensure that our guests have access to good potable water, we also want to that we use water conservatively.

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Waste management

While we work towards reducing the waste that we generate, we also ensure that whatever waste we generate during our escapades is properly managed. Any biodegradable waste is used as manure and the rest is disposed of appropriately. Apart from practising these techniques during your visit, you can also follow these waste management practices in your homes too.


Agriculture practices

Agriculture provides every one of us with sustenance for survival - and yet many of us aren't aware of what it takes to grow food. It is one of our core activities to engage our participants where we explore the field of agriculture, its importance, and the different methods of farming.

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